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Verified and Unverified Methods on How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

When it comes to finding a job, one thing that the prospective candidate needs to prepare for, is facing a drug test. Most common of them is the urine drug test and it would be good learning how to pass a urine drug test.

At the time of facing a test it is necessary getting prepared for several things and one of the things that one need to prepare for very badly is the urine drug test. Whatever the reason might be one has to act quickly and get the remedies for passing the drug test conveniently. Among different drug tests there are saliva, urine, blood, hair follicle, and the most common; urine drug test. Therefore it is important knowing how to pass a urine drug test.
It is Not Difficult

Passing a urine drug test is not as difficult as it seems at the first place. However there are three ways of tackling the issues involved and passing the drug test on urine. Of course one may not adopt the outdated methods like using fake penis to pass drug test. Instead there will be three types of drug tests that include unverified, unverified home remedies, and verified urine drug tests and it depends on the circumstance which of the three types the prospective candidate adopts.

Unverified Methods

Among the unverified methods of passing the drug test on urine are the followings.
• Drinking lots of fluids before undergoing the drug test. This method called flushing is one of the easiest, cheapest as well as most successful getting a false negative on the tests.
• These pee tests never measure the quantum of drugs in urine. In this case drugs are ingested and come out of the system as metabolites.
• 31 different types of metabolites are checked by the urinalysis that includes 4 cocaine, 3 opiates, 1 phencyclidine, and 4 amphetamines caused drug traces. Proper hydration can erase the traces but over hydrating could be a major problem.
Main drawbacks of the unverified systems are that the results are not sure and settled.

Unverified Home Remedies

When other remedies like unverified hydration remedies do not work and the candidate is desperate for detoxifying the anatomy to erase drug traces, he or she can opt for the unverified home remedies. Some of the popular and effective unverified home remedies are drinking cranberry juice, consuming cranberry supplements, or such other steps that will flush the body with water and sodium. If this fails one can also try zinc for the purpose of detoxifying the anatomic system.

Verified Remedies to Pass Drug Tests

However there are remedies that are verified and that would help one to pass the drug tests on urine, blood, saliva, and hair follicle and blood. If one is able to build up much of sweat it will detoxify the body appropriately. It would be the first step gathering supplies including vitamins and healthy drink and helps detoxifying the body without causing unhealthy impacts on it. Multi-vitamins, fresh fruits, vegetables, green tea, apple juice, coffee, and sports drinks are some of the verified remedies that one could use for the purpose of detoxifying the body and passing the urine drug test.