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Divergent Methods about How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

While urine drug test is comparatively simpler and easier to pass the question still remains for the prospective candidate, how to pass a urine drug test. Learning about some methods to pass it might be of help. I

 Urine drug test is perhaps the simplest of the drug tests that are carried out on a prospective candidate for employment or those who are new entrants with the possible exception of the saliva drug test that is considered as even simpler by many experts. However the question still remains for the prospective candidate, how to pass a urine drug test because a bad result can adversely affect the career prospects of the candidate concerned. There are multiple ways to pass a urine drug test and having a look at them will convince one about the best way.

Using Fake Alternatives

5430372980_d1b2c33d2f_oThere are multiple ways in which a candidate can prepare to pass the urine drug test. There are substituting methods like the use of fake penis to pass drug test where the prospective candidate takes a fake pennies along with and while peeing will substitute it for the real penis and get the substitute fake urine in place. However there is always a chance of being caught in the. And at the same time the test administrator may think there is something wrong if the urine is too clear. Of course when the trick works using something like Supreme Klean synthetic urine kit could help.

Using Home Remedies

Some prospective candidates use home remedies for passing the drug test. Especially when the question is how to pass a drug test in 2 days or in a week, there are many who try to use home remedies like drinking a lot of water, cranberry juice, and fluids of various types or other contents or use vinegar for washing the hairs; but unfortunately these solutions never work well. They could reduce the drug traces to some extent but can never remove them altogether. Instead it will always be the better idea to go for something that will give results.

Detoxification with Quality Products

When it comes to the question of how to pass a drug test in a week, the best way will always be the use of high quality products that will detoxify the body for a long time or permanently or at least mask the drug traces by making them undetectable in the prospective drug test. Products like Supreme Klean ultra detox drinks, Supreme Klean one hour flush capsules, or their 7-day total detox program packages are extremely useful in such cases.


When it comes to the question how to pass a hair follicle drug test the answer would be a little different. Of all the tests the hair follicles retain drug traces for 90 days at the minimum. Passing it comprehensively requires discontinuance of drug or alcohol use, as well as cleaning the body using quality detoxifying products which will give ultimately the best results for the user and passing any drug test will not be a difficult proposition anymore.